My Projects

Below you will find a list of some of the project on which Randy has worked throughout his career.
Gladys Knight Project: Gladys Knight - Many Different Roads
Years ago on another project I did the arrangement of the song "Mercy's Arms", which was brought to the attention of Gladys by her manager. Gladys loved the arrangement just as as I had arranged it and requested that I be hired to re-create the same arrangement for her. Most people I talk to tell me that "Mercy's Arms" is their favorite cut on this album.
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Rachel Marie Project: Rachel Marie
Rachel Marie found me via my website and contacted my manager, Richard Clark. After meeting with her, I knew that I had to work with her! Not only is she a talented vocalist, but a gifted lyricist as well. She is so much fun to work with. I predict a wonderful furture for her as an artist - one that I'm proud to be a part of.
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Jordan Bluth Project: Jordan Bluth
I was in the studio with Jordan Bluth – wow....he’s definitely an undiscovered talent for sure. I’m excited to hear back from Dude McLean in LA regarding marketing and additional ideas. Billy Strange (co-writer of the Elvis smash hit “A Little Less Conversation”) is a very good friend of mine and recommended Dude whole-heartedly after saying that for Pop and the direction we’re going with Jordan, we needed to get him to someone on the west coast. I also sent Dude a promo pack of Rachel Marie’s 4-song CD that I produced independently. Besides her obvious talent as a vocalist and lyricist, she’s tenacious and a real go-getter – qualities that are a must in this business to be successful.
Mark Allen Project: Mark Allen "If That's How It Feels"
I was introduced to Mark by his vocal coach and my long-time friend Jennifer Madsen. Mark had been performing a mix semi-classical and popular songs. Jennifer felt he had the potential to much more with his talents. I sat down with him at the piano and had him sing through a few different songs to get a sense of what he was truly capable of doing. We decided to do a 2-song project and demos which I produced, arranged, orchestrated and co-wrote. Go to his web site and check out the end result.
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FFH Project: FFH - You Found Me
I had been friends with FFH's producer, Scott Williamson. We have always had a strong mutual respect for each other's abilities. Scott called me one day and told me he needed me to do some string arrangements on FFH's new album. One of the song for which I did a string arrangement, "You Found Me" was #1 on the AC/Christian chart for 6 weeks.
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1856 The Musical Project: 1856 The Musical
Cory Ellsworth was referred to me to help him with his 1856 The Musical project. The inital inquiry was to orchestrate and conduct. Cory and I worked really well together and there was synergy in our work efforts. I not only orchestrated, but ended up producing and co-writing some songs. It was inspiring to work on a piece of history. It was delightful to work again with Joseph Paur, who sang the lead of Brigham Young on this album.
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My Beloved Christ Project: My Beloved Christ
Co-written, Produced, Orchestration and Conducting
Michelle Tumes Project: Michelle Tumes
String Arrangements and Conducting
Kenneth Cope Project: Kenneth Cope - Greater Than Us All
Arrangements, Orchestrations, Conducting, Keyboards and Production
Sonya Jason Project: Sonya Jason
My good friend and very talented producer and mixing engineer Taavi Mote introduced me to the talented saxophonist Sonya Jason. Sonya and I got together and wrote the song "First Kiss". Taavi is also credited as a writer on this song. I've always felt that this song has great potential and hope that other artists will perform it. George Shelby also recorded this song on his album.
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George Shelby Project: George Shelby - Touch
Production and Arranging
RaShel Kartchnet Project: RaShel Kartchner - The Most Wonderful Time
It is always fun to work with your family. I loved working with my sisters on this record. This is a wonderful collection of some favorite Christmas selections done in a unique way.
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